What Do You Want Motherhood To Look Like?

Sometimes our dream of what motherhood was supposed to look like doesn’t quite match up to what it is. Many of us took prenatal classes when we found out we were pregnant, and mommy and me classes when our babies were born. But these classes focused on the baby much more than us. After that, we dove into motherhood without any guidance how we would adjust to the experience. It’s common to feel a sense of loss of self during this transitional time.

So what about you? What do you want your motherhood to look like? Instead of disappearing in the fog of motherhood, take some time to create a vision of what you want this chapter of your life to look like.


When you have free time by yourself, with no distractions, listen to this audio where Andi discusses the transition into motherhood and the struggles we often face as women during this time.

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Take out a journal and spend some time getting to know where you’re at.

Journal some of these thoughts and answers to the questions below:

  • What comes naturally to you in this new role?

  • What are you currently struggling with as a mother?

  • How can you create an environment that supports a better balance of your own personal needs as well as the needs of your child?

Now What?

Clarity in your vision of what motherhood means to you can take time. You might currently be in a chapter feels messy and full - it’s harder to see the big picture when you’re in these moments.

What I suggest is trying our workshop: Defining Your Motherhood. This tool will guide you through discovering more about your big picture vision and true desires for your life.