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Before we get started on the meals, let's talk a little bit about your kitchen.

It's easy to be bombarded with tons of products and information out there. I mean, let's face it, healthy food feels a lot more complicated these days.

One of the most important mottos I adapted for my own kitchen comes from ___ " Never eat somethign your great great grandmother wouldn't recognize"

The truth is, that could mean a lot of things these days.

And while I don't always follow this rule (hello, potato chips! hello, matcha lattes!) I do use it to remind me that the simpler the ingredients, the better.

I don't believe in elaborate meals for the every day. I believe in simplicity.

This rule also applies to how I stock my kitchen.

Simplicity allows you to control what ingredients go into your food. It also makes things so much easier when it comes to cooking. Less stuff is just easier, and can also be incredibly tasty.

The extra bonus is that simple ingredients are cheaper and more affordable, keeping the grocery bills within budget!

I'm going to encourage you to keep things simple in your kitchen. For me, it's a work in progress that I'm not sure I'll ever fully be finished.

As you go through this course, keep this idea in your mind and see where you can declutter and get back to basics in your own kitchen.