Meal Planning Guide + Recipe Bundle

Meal Planning Guide + Recipe Bundle


Healthy Meal Planning Guide + Recipe Binder

Learn how to save time with meal prepping and cook healthy meals throughout the week for you and your family.

Healthy Meals Made Easy is a step by step guide to learning simple meal prep techniques for creating a healthy dinner routine for your family. Inside this online class, you'll receive actionable tools that allow you learn the foundation for simple, healthy cooking. You'll learn how to stock a healthy pantry, how to grocery shop on a budget, what healthy foods are affordable, delicious and easy to prepare. You'll also become aware of the four key components to providing a balanced meal. 

To start practicing healthy cooking, I'll teach you how to plan out the week for healthy meal prep. You'll be able to implement the skills you learn from the workshop right away and provide nourishing meals for you and your family.

This workshop was created for anyone who is feeling stressed out and overwhelmed in the kitchen. If you want to establish a healthy routine for your family, then this class is for you. 

What will I learn?

- how to find the time to cook healthy
- simple meal prep techniques that will save you time
- 5 homemade sauces I use in majority of my recipes at home
- how to stock a healthy fridge and pantry
- essential kitchen tools I use everyday
- healthy food checklist
- grocery shopping tips 
- how to choose healthier prepackaged foods
- how to create balanced meals that will help avoid energy crashes
- The exact meal planning technique I use to create healthy dinners for the next 3 weeks
- Four easy methods of cooking that provide healthy meals FAST
- over 25+ delicious recipes in an easy printable format to use over and over again

What Do I Get With My Purchase?

+ Immediate unlimited access to the workshop
+ over 25 lessons 
+ 17 delicious dinner recipes that are easy to make
+ Bonuses including breakfast recipes, healthy snack ideas, what to eat for lunch, and printables ($65 value)
+ cheatsheets and worksheets to help you create your healthy meal plan

Start now and begin cooking healthy meals right away!

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"This meal guide is thoughtful, efficient, informative, and inspiring to use! I appreciate good design and photography, so I was really pleased by how truly beautiful this meal guide was. The recipes are so incredibly creative and much to my surprise, very easy to make! Finding good, creative, gluten-free recipes can be really tough, but this guide has an extremely thorough library of delicious recipes to pull from and be inspired by. It also includes simple and convenient templates for meal planning and grocery shopping. So happy with my experience using the Autumn Reset Meal Guide!" - Bree P.


"The Autumn Reset is my new go-to for meal planning. The tools are so easy to use and the combination of recipe styles from simple to more complex give you lots of options to combine into your weekly plan. My favorite tip is how Andrea has broken down the popular "bowls". Once a bit daunting, I know feel like I have a system to create countless, delicious meals." - Lisa B.


"This meal plan and recipe book is beyond awesome. It is very thorough and well thought out. The pictures are amazing and look absolutely delicious! I can hardly wait to dive in and make a plan!"


"This book will make my life so much easier. The meal plan templates, recipes and even shopping lists are such a time saver. The recipes are made with REAL, healthy food and are delish. A few days into using this cookbook we already have our favourite recipes! Plus, it’s so pretty to look at!!" - Britt H.


"I'm super excited to try some of these recipes! I like that many of the ingredients I have on hand and I won't have to search them out in specialty stores. The meals look inviting and delicious. The recipes look easy and I really like the idea of prepping on Sunday for the week's menu. As my husband and I are beginning our senior years we are wanting to change some bad eating habits and eat healthier. Thank you for bringing an excitement back to our meal planning and the bonus is we'll be eating healthy!!!"


"I found the book nicely structured and the page numbers under recipe names made it easy for me to know which page to turn to without having to search page by page. Quite clever! The recipes are easy to make and advice on the groceries needed is great to help reduce overspend. The recipes are yumm too. It’s a holistic take on things in the kitchen. Super like!" - Pallavi S.

You can access the workshop at anytime, anywhere that is convenient to you. All you need is internet access, your device, a pen and paper!

*Please note: All workshops are digital content and cannot be refunded. They are a final sale.